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  Hawthorn Oil Transportation Emergency Number: 1-888-814-0188

Call Before You Dig

Before you dig or excavate, contact the appropriate One Call Center:

It’s FREE. It’s Easy. It’s your responsibility as the excavator. It’s the LAW!

These simple steps may be the most important you ever take:

1. Call Us

  • Call us 2 working days before you dig at 811 or at the State’s One Call Center.
  • Tell the State’s One Call Centers about your project including location, address, work done for who, type of work, how long it will take, as well as any special instructions needed to make sure the right area gets marked. They can accept GPS coordinates.

2. They will Notify us and Other Companies in the Area

  • The State’s One Call Centers will tell you which companies will be notified about your excavation.
  • The State’s One Call Center will provide you with a reference number that serves as proof of your call. They also keep a complete record of your call to verify your compliance with the law.

3. We Mark Lines

  • We and other companies in the area will mark our underground lines, and you will be able to work safely and without delay.
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