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  Hawthorn Oil Transportation Emergency Number: 1-888-814-0188

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Pipeline operators have Integrity Management Plans which provide a process for monitoring, managing and mitigating risks along the pipeline system. In addition, natural gas and liquid pipeline operators have created a High Consequence Area (HCA) plan for environmentally sensitive areas, urbanized and populated areas, impaired mobility areas and navigable waterways. For more information on these plans, email publicawareness@eogresources.com.


Phone: (713) 651-7000

Toll Free: 1 (877) 363-3647

Hawthorn Oil Transportation, Inc.
P.O. Box 4362
Houston, TX  77210-4362

Hawthorn Oil Transportation, Inc.
1111 Bagby, Sky Lobby 2
Houston, TX  77002

    Key Contact:
  • Lance Terveen,
    Senior Vice President, Marketing Operations
    Phone: (713) 571-4932

Denver Office

Phone: (303) 572-9000

Hawthorn Oil Transportation, Inc.
600 Seventeenth Street, Suite 1100N
Denver, CO  80202

    Key Contacts:
  • Troy Pritchard,
    Denver Facilities and Pipeline Manager
    Phone: (303) 262-9417
  • John Walker,
    Pipeline Superintendent
    Phone: (701) 628-9504